What do these weird French looking words mean? 

These French looking made-up words describe what our Maison Atia faux fur most resembles

Faux – Material with our name

Emulated Material




 Cavallino (similar to calfskin)
















Monkey (originally made from monkey but these days mostly made with straight wool)

Persian Làmbe

 Persian Lamb


We also use the French words for the actual color or pattern on the coat to distinguish different coats in the same style. (E.G. Sophia – Blanc vs. Sophia Léopard).


When will my order ship? How long does it take?
Since we are a start-up and the team is still rather small, we are only able to ship once a week.  As we get closer to the Holiday Season we will increase this rate. For the United States we use USPS so the closer you are to NYC the faster you will receive it.  All told, we will do everything in our power to get you your article within two days of your order.
What is faux fur made of ?
Faux fur is primarily made modacrylic.  Modacrylic is a type of synthetic polymer that can be spun like natural fibers to take on the appearance of real fur or something else entirely and can be relatively easily dyed.  If you’ve ever touched fleece or a stuffed animal made after the 70’s, you’ve touched a form of modacrylic. 


Where is your faux fur sourced/ products from?
True to our European roots, Maison Atia only partners with the highest quality faux-fur mills, primarily in Italy although we do get some of our fabric from France as well.
What is the best way to care for my faux fur piece?
Good news, taking care of your faux fur coat is very easy! 
In order to clean your coat, we suggest spot cleaning it with just a spray of water for smaller stains. For the more challenging spots we would suggest bringing the piece to a dry-cleaner who is comfortable working with faux-fur. If you want to add fluff to your piece, you can take a hairbrush (it does not have to be a fur comb) and brush the fur in a uniform direction. 
When it comes to storage, you really don't have to worry as faux-fur doesn't collect dust more than any other material and moths don't like it. You just have to hang it up in a dry place and that's it!


Where did the name Maison Atia come from?
Maison, the French word for house, is an homage to the house of Mendel as well as part one of our founder’s last name, Gustave Maisonrouge.  Atia was a wise and beloved figure of the Roman Empire and mother of the first roman emperor, Augustus.  Chloe Mendel is also the mother of an Augustus with great potential.


Do you ship internationally?
We do!


What is your return policy?
Within the United States, you will have a ten (10) days from when USPS delivers it to try the article and make sure you love it.  If you aren’t in love, you may mail it back to us for a refund.  If it is an international delivery, there will be no refunds. Returns can be sent to:
Maison Atia
207 East 123rd Street
New York, NY 10035
T: 212-600-4204


If there are any additional questions, you may reach us at contact@maisonatia.com.