Maison Atia COVID-19 Initiatives

Following the CDC recommendations for everyone to wear a homemade mask to fight the spread of the virus, our design team found a way to use some excess faux fur to make a handmade face mask lined in cotton. During this time of crisis we were able to donate over $3,500 to the Metropolitan Hospital in our new East Harlem neighborhood in NYC.

Our handmade cotton faux fur masks are currently sold out, a new release of masks is scheduled later this year. Stay tuned on our Instagram @maisonatia and be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates.

Since New York City has re-opened, we have resumed working with our local craftsmen to bring you a new mask design. We’ll continue to support the heroes of our local community in East Harlem by donating 25% of the revenues of our soon-to-be released mask to the Metropolitan Hospital.

The #MaisonAtiaHeroes campaign celebrates individuals who are on the frontlines keeping our families safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. We thank these heroes and hope our token of appreciation for their selflessness and courage will help brighten a bit their day.

We would like to thank Stephanie! She is an operating room nurse but working as an ICU nurse during this time AND an amazing Mother; a true hero. Here are some tips she’d like to share with you:
Her tips for everyone are to please stay home, wear masks, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Get rest and workout to relieve stress but to maintain strength. Stay hydrated and enjoy the slower pace of life. It will be hectic again before we know it!! THANK YOU NURSE STEPHANIE!!!! 

We would like to thank Erica Smith,RN, BSN CT ICU ! She is a nurse at NYP; a true hero. Here are some tips she’d like to share with you:
* take care of your physical and mental heath- eat good foods, drink plenty of water, take a walks outside, meditate. All of these good things will continue to boost your immune system and keep your mind and body resilient!
* keep your distance from crowds of people, wear a mask when you are out, don’t touch your face or your mask when your out! And wash your hands
* be mindful of what you are consuming. Keep yourself updated but don’t allow the news/people/shows to feed into your anxiety.
* remind yourself you are safe, alive, and breathing
* it’s ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes. The world is going through a pandemic, you are allowed to feel what you feel
* do one thing a day that brings you joy- talk to a friend, put on lipstick, get outside, play music, dance, play with your kids, make pancakes..anything that brightens you up! THANK YOU NURSE ERICA!!!! 

We would like to thank Detective Kennedy! She is a Detective in Special Victims with the NYPD. Not only is she working to keep our communities safe, she has also recovered from Covid-19; a true hero. Here are some tips she’d like to share with you: 'When social distancing feel free to smile. The person may not be able to see your teeth but they can see your smiling eyes. Feel free to say good morning/evening or just nod your head. Ask the customary greeting of 'how are you?' even if it's just in passing. I feel this makes the show of physically avoiding someone less cringe worthy and demoralizing of our fellow human beings. These simple gestures can remind us that although we ARE trying to avoid each other, it's out of necessity and not because the other person IS the actual virus and therefore a pariah. In times like these, we have to focus on the emotional tolls, as well as, the physical. There are people out there who were having a hard enough time prior to this pandemic and this may be their bottom. Continue to help each other up. We don't have to lose ourselves while protecting ourselves. Take care. Be safe. But also be aware of the impact we still have on each other.' THANK YOU DETECTIVE KENNEDY

We would like to thank Jamie Smith today! Jaime is a RN at a nursing home in Longbeach, NY and works the evening shifts. Here are some tips she’d like to share with you: ‘As we all know please stay home and wash your hands frequently. Avoid going to the store more than you need to. I understand how stressful this time can be for everyone being quarantined. So have some grace with yourself and it’s ok not to feel ok right now. I am very grateful for everyone’s support of essential workers right now 💕' THANK YOU NURSE JAMIE!!!!

We would like to thank Chef Angie Fulton today! Angie is a pastry chef in New Jersey. Not only is she still cooking for her community, she is also providing meals for underprivileged families and ER workers. Here are some tips she’d like to share with you: ‘My advice is to wash your hands often, social distance and remember to still be kind. Donate to your local food pantry or similar programs if you can, even if it is in monetary form! Food insecurity is a huge issue for a lot of people right now, so every little bit helps! THANK YOU CHEF ANGIE !

We would like to thank CPD Officer Jessica Harris today! Her tips for you are: 'Go ahead get your essentials. Get some fresh air so you don’t go crazy, but definitely keep that social distance and avoid groups of people. Stay in!!! When you must go out to get essentials avoid touching your face, phone etc, and by all means WASH YOUR HANDS!! Try to stay positive and support your communities, local businesses and each other the best you can. We will get through this together!" THANK YOU JESSICA!

The first woman we would like to celebrate is
Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD
Medical Director, Northshore Integrative Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.
A mother of 3 boys Leslie is testing and triaging patients with Covid19.
Here are some tips she’d like to share with you: "The need to keep the immune system as robust and healthy is critical during this pandemic. Lifestyle is critical here, which includes keeping a regular bedtime with 7 or more hours of sleep every night, eating a plant-based diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables, staying physically active, keeping stress well managed, and practicing the judicious use or avoidance of herbal and vitamin supplements. All of this advice plays a secondary role to the prime directive to shelter in place, to follow meticulous hand washing practices, and to adhere to CDC guidelines on maintaining appropriate physical distance when infrequently venturing out for essential activities. Please note that no integrative therapies have been demonstrated to specifically fight the novel coronavirus and the disease, COVID-19. Advice may change as more research comes in regarding effective treatments for COVID-19."